Thank You, Banjo Hangout

Old-Time Banjo Without The Bullshit

I never thought I would say these words, but I find myself thanking that Banjo Hangout.

I was minding my own business. Ready to retire. My arthritis is so bad that it hurts to get dressed, and even picking up a banjo requires gritting the few teeth I have left.

Then something happened. Since it was on the Hangout it was something stupid, but it happened nonetheless: the morons had a little hate rally directed at me.

Why? Dammed if I know. I was packing away my banjo.

The original concept of Old-Time Banjo Without The Bullshit was going to be a simple diss track. Once I started playing with the concept, I realized that the whole current teaching model was different from how I learned the craft.

Talking it through with my dad a few times, we came up with something special. .

So, thank you to everybody at the Banjo Hangout. Their cruelty created something positive. Mocking me, making fun of my grief, laughing about my health, and some of the juicy stuff that hit my inbox and phone made me angry enough to get back into the fight.

Isn’t that wonderful? Big piles of crap helped me and my daddy bloom like roses.


All of my friends with a Banjo Hangout account, please be sure to thank them for me.