A Few More Days…

Patrickcostello.org is a few days away from launch. I never meant for it to take so long to put the bones of the site together, but between chronic pain and post-concussive troubles, work happens as I am able.

In other news, the solid-body electric banjo did not work out. A huge disappointment, but I already have a pickup on the way for my Somerset S1P. It won’t have the up the neck playability I was looking for, but it should be fun through my amp.

I really wanted an American-made amplifier, but I picked up a combo amp from Boss. This thing does everything but my laundry for the cost of one good American-made guitar pedal. It also hooks up to my iPad, so I will be able to send a Bluetooth feed directly to my one working BAHA sound processor.

In other news, quite a few people have written inquiring about my health. That is very kind, but please stop. I have a lot to work through, and explaining it to strangers over and over again makes things more difficult. When I have news, I will share it. Otherwise, I prefer not to talk about, and I doubt you would enjoy hearing, what my day-to-day life is like between off the scale pain, random seizures, and other issues.

If you want to drop me a note about music-related stuff, mail me a post card.

Patrickcostello.org will be up and running soon. Dear Old Dad and I will see you there.