Coming Soon: Eclectic Electric Banjo will be going live soon. Besides to our older and often more beginner-friendly content, I have an advanced workshop series in the works.

Eclectic Electric Banjo will assume that you have mastered the basics. The first workshop will cover installing a pickup on my banjo. From there, the series will go into using the banjo as a musical instrument in any setting.

This won’t be a genre or style-specific thing. If you want to play or sound like anybody other than yourself, this won’t be your bag.

To play along, you will need mastery of the basics, a bottleneck, and some sort of electrified banjo. There are no decent electric five-strings on the market at the moment, so a pickup is your best bet.

I will be using an EMG ACB-5 pickup and two amplifiers. A Boss Katana Artist MkII and a Spark.

I chose the two amps for both affordability and their ability to share settings. They also come with digital effects! The Spark has some nice options and the Katana sixty effects. Either amp has features that will give us the opportunity to learn together.

Eclectic Electric Banjo will start soon, exclusively at