Going Live!

Songs For Sunday!
Streaming live from Crisfield, MD Sundays, 2:00 PM EST. https://www.youtube.com/dobro33h

Either this Sunday or the one after, we will be livestreaming Songs For Sunday: an old-time country gospel hymn sing.

With everything happening in the world now, and being an ordained minister* (the devil is shopping for ice skates!), I began to miss getting together with friends to sing in one of the many churches in town.

Talking it over with Dear Old Dad, we came up with the idea of livestreaming a little hymn sing that coaches you to play and sing along. While the banjo is still my mainstay, other instruments will be added to the mix.

You will be able to send in song and prayer requests live on YouTube. If somebody asks for a song I don’t know (it does happen), I’ll get it into the mix the following week.

My motley collection of patched-together old computers is not up to the task, so we have a new computer on the way. It’ll be here in time for this Sunday, good Lord willing.

I will be posting links with a printout of the lyrics, chords, background, and even a scripture verse for each song before we start each broadcast.

I hope you tune in and sing along with your family.

If you want to work on a few songs before our first broadcast, download a free copy of my banjo songbook, Songs For Sunday.

*Yes. Patrick is an ordained minister. The Reverend Joseph Patrick Costello III is available for baptisms, blessings, weddings, and funerals.