First Trembling Steps

Well, after two botched attempts, I managed to get our streaming video setup working.

When we go live on Sunday at 2:00 PM Eastern on March 27th,, Dear Old Dad will be popping in and out of the feed with that picture-in-a-picture thingamabob. We’ll be bantering as he reads me your messages and such.

While all of this has been happening, we have also been setting up a live web radio broadcast through a new service by Amazon.

In other news, thanks to some choices between dentistry and gear (don’t judge me, it’s what Jake and Elwood would do), I am just about ready to start up the electric banjo workshops. I steel need to get my mitts on a foot controller, a pair of expression pedals, and a looper to finish up the rig, but I have enough in place to cover electrified acoustic, hollow-body, and sol0d-body electrics. I even have a direct box and DAW in place to explore multitracking with you. It should be a hoot.

There is more happening (always is), but I think that’s enough for now. I will be announcing changes to our various web pages, Patreon, as well as other ways to support us.

If has been a hard winter for all of us. Right now, in Crisfield, just outside my window as I write this, there are bluebirds in the tree and dandelions in the grass.

I’ll see you on Sunday. Even if you don’t want to sing along, you have to see me with my collar on. I look pretty good, if I do say so myself.