Tune In Tomorrow!

Sometime tomorrow, if I am physically able, we will run a livestream test to make sure things are in place for our Songs for Sunday webcast.

I have gotten quite a few requests for a workshop on bottleneck technique. I have set things up for a workshop on slide using as acoustic banjo as well as my solid-body electric banjo. To help illustrate the role amplifiers and effects play into the mix, I will plug directly into my 8 watt garage sale amp, and then explore the built-in effects of my Boss Katana Artist MKII. It should be a hoot.

Keep an eye on https://www.youtube.com/dobro33h tomorrow for the test/workshop. Tune in Sunday at 2:00 PM Eastern for the livestream of Songs for Sunday.

Have a slide ready, your banjo or guitar tuned to G, and we will have some fun tomorrow. There is an entire new vocabulary of banjo music waiting for us to create, explore, and develop. I want to savor every note with all of you.

See you tomorrow.

God bless,