Simon Jones’ How Things Work Is A Masterpiece of Musical Storytelling

I have never met the members of Harp & a Monkey, but we connected somehow over the years. I consider them to be friends, and if I ever found myself in the position to get into a studio, the group would be my first choice for both collaboration and backup.

So, I was curious to see Simon Jones not only launch a solo project, but something so outside-the-box that I had to take a few days to wrap my brain around the recording.

The project is titled How Things Work. I have never heard anything quite like it before.

The idea is simple. Simon tells the listener how things work. The twist is that the lyrics are inspired by Ladybird Books and backed with a swirling, almost hypnotic soundtrack. It shouldn’t work, but there is a sweetness to the presentation that I found completely charming.

For example, here is Navigation At Sea:

It’s quirky, sweet, educational, as innocent as a picnic in the park with teddy, occasionally discordant in the right ways, but most of all entirely unique. The mind behind the music and words is every bit as deeply interesting as the songs themselves.

It’s an album that teaches us how things work, when the real magic is in the production. It’s beautiful, and Simon Jones is in both a class and genre all to himself. Bravo!