YouTube Trouble

Kicking off my last video, I played a slide version of Nearer, My God, to Thee, a 19th-century hymn written by Sarah Fuller Adams. My guitar was in open D, I was using a slide, and I was playing my own arrangement of the song.

A music rights collection agency in India hit the video with a copyright claim. Much like the pirated version of The How and the Tao of Old-Time Banjo sold on Amazon through an Indian publisher, there is not much I can do.

This is a bogus claim, but allows the agency to place ads on the video. I contested the claim, and now I have to wait thirty days to find out if my channel will be closed over this nonsense.

The videos are all backed up on Jetpack and Vimeo, so there is no danger of losing the content presently – but there is a real chance I could be losing the channel. Being the Irish street fighter that I am, there is also the chance I could decide to leave the platform because I am Patrick.

In other words, download your favorite video, subscribe to the channel if you have not yet done so, and maybe get out on social media to raise a bit of hell over this kind of abuse to help not just me, but every content creator on YouTube.

Whatever happens, we will continue to forge ahead. I am still trying to find some way to live and work with increasing difficulties and chronic pain. Asking the students to organize the videos accomplished nothing, so it’s just me, dad, and this massive chunk of agony trying to sort it out. If things go pear-shaped, just be patient. I’m doing my best.