help wanted

We have the tools at hand to build a nice online community at Almost every video we made from 2006 until recently is in the media archives, along with all of my books, and a lot of other material.

I was never well-organized. Coming from stage, radio, and live television, I learned early on to let everything go once the curtain goes down. You save the funny and embarrassing stuff, but the rest is forgotten quickly. As a disorganized trained improviser, the idea of every post being stored away seemed silly. After all, who would want to hear a banjo workshop from 1998?

Now that I am taking a shot at organizing things, I find myself physically unable to do so.

Here’s the deal: I have incapacitating nerve pain in my hands, feet, and neck. The pain increased exponentially over the winter to the point where sleeping, eating, and sometimes even thinking are impossible. The lack of sleep is wreaking havoc upon me because insomnia is not good for epileptics. I am having at least two seizures a week – and I usually bang myself up when I fall. I can’t walk without a cane, and even then, it’s only a few steps, leaving me basically housebound.

I am doing my best to keep myself together, but working in this kind of pain is nearly impossible.

As much as I would like to attempt wrangling this site back into shape, I just can’t do it by myself.

The goal of this place was always for you to take the steering where at some point. If any of you want to put your heads together and help make this place a useable resource for everyone, let me know.