Unexpected Guests

Between neuropathy making it hard to stand or walk, epilepsy putting ladders on the just don’t do it list, and my hands arthritic enough to make changing a light bulb difficult, repairs around the house are falling behind. Even the moss rose is choked up with honeysuckle again. I just can’t work the shears anymore.

It’s frustrating because I can’t stand feeling helpless. I was a pretty good maintenance man in my day.

Anyway, the garage door broke a few weeks ago. That I was opening the door frustrated and in more physical pain than I can describe probably had something to do with it. Not being able to walk or drive, I’m stuck in the house. Add in the chronic pain and my emotions get riled up. Dear Old Dad and I often joke about the stuffed elephant scene from Darkman.

So, on top of everything going on, the garage is open to the elements. A pair of wrens decided to take advantage of the situation and have built a nest in the rafters.

Wrens, by the way, are adorable.

6 Potomac Street is something of a wildlife habitat nowadays. We have deer, foxes, raccoons, possums, and all manner of songbirds. The addition of two sassy wrens happily tending their nest has been a blessing. I can’t get to Brick Kiln or Jenkins Creek, but some of those places come to me. Funny how little birds can help knock my perspective back to what is important.

That said, I have no idea how I’m going to fix that garage door, or any of the other repairs. We’re working on what we can, as we can. It’s not like I can close the door before the baby birds leave the nest.