The New Book—Sneak Preview While In Progress

Zen in the Five-String Banjo or, What the uniquely American art of frailing banjo taught me about music, life, and love is well underway. As the title suggests, this is not your typical how-to book.

If pressed for a back-cover synopsis, I would write something like this:

If Hunter S. Thompson, Alan Watts, Winnie the Pooh, Rocky Balboa, and Charlie Poole were to collaborate on a book teaching the techniques and philosophy of frailing banjo, the resulting tome wouldn’t be half as wild as this.

I am known for celebrating the process over the final product. Rather than treat this admittedly odd work in process like Gollum guarding his Precious, I will be posting drafts as I write, Dear Old Dad edits, and I rewrite. Please, feedback of any kind is welcome.

Please don’t hesitate to share the file. The copyright notice on this draft is a nod to the 2003 draft of The How and the Tao of Old-Time Banjo.

As work continues, things will change. I will continue to post chapters and edits, if you are interested.

Oh, you may notice in this draft that I am reclaiming a teaching technique. Something that I had dropped after twenty-five years of relentless mocking from nitwits. The bump dit-ty is back, baby!