Essential Movies for Musicians: Frank (2014)

There are movies about musicians, there are movies about music, and then there is Frank (2014).

Frank wears a giant papier mâché head 24/7. He also is the musical and spiritual leader of a band called The Soronprfbs.

The main storyline revolves around Jon Burroughs, an aspirational songwriter. Jon joins The Soronprfbs at a crime scene. Their current keyboard player as just attempted to drown himself in the ocean.

At his first appearance with The Soronprfbs, everything goes wrong. In the brief and chaotic moment the band comes together, Jon’s desire for both fame and the secret to Franks’s seemingly boundless creativity consume him. Jon goes off with the band, and bonds with the mysterious masked Frank.

While it is a weird, occasionally profane, and violent film, Frank (2014) is not a comedy. It is also not a biopic of Frank Sidebottom.

Frank (2014) is about art, the creative mind, and a few other things.

Throughout the film, Jon tries in vain to not only to decipher why Frank wears a giant head, but how he can seemingly pull lyrics and melodies from thin air. Along the way, Jon uploads clandestine videos of The Soronprfbs’ unique practice sessions to YouTube.

Frank (2014) gave me more than a few being seen moments. I have been a bit of both Jon and Frank in my career. The questing pilgrim trying to earn a living through his craft and the mysterious artist who just wants to be invisible.

The cast is perfect. The offbeat script suits the strangeness of the tale perfectly. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays the theremin. The music is surreal but shockingly good and played by the cast.

I love this movie.