Prepare Yourselves For The Patrick Costello Experience

Boss Katana Artist MK II amp, stompboxes, electric banjo, and Laurel & Hardy
Believe it or not, there are still a couple of gadgets on the way…

While I have not been posting much lately, I think the picture above conveys that I have been busy in my offline time.

Since I will be working so much with the solid-body electric five-string banjo, I went ahead and added foot controllers to my amplifier. A volume, an expression/wah, controllers for all amp functions, and there is a looper until hooked into the effects loop.

It looks like a lot, but this setup along with the Tone Studio software gives me access to a massive library of effects. My old pal Buster had his Gibson Les Paul Custom, a Bassman amp, and an entire wall of tape machines set up to copy one of Les Paul’s early recording rigs. So, compared to Buster’s jaw-dropping setup, I have kept things minimal.

Still, somebody better call Queer Eye or an organization specialist to do an office makeover before I kill myself on these wires.

The electric banjo itself is also getting a facelift. It will take a few weeks, but new pickups, a wiring harness, and custom pickguard are in the process of being wound, soldered, and cut.

There are plenty of other things happening behind the scenes. I would go into details, but that would spoil the surprises. Besides, I want to go mess around with my amp and stompbox array. It’s set up to record in stereo, so the musical possibilities are endless – and I am using the same techniques as the acoustic.

Now I am off to use both pedals and my slide for some pedal steel sounding banjo licks. You go practice, and start building yourself an electric banjo. This is where the craft is headed next.

All Banjos Will Be Electrified!