The new body for my solid-body electric five-string banjo has arrived from AE Guitars. It is an alder body finished in a nice sunburst and then given the relic treatment with sealer over the worn wood. It’s beautiful. I would love to take a picture of it, but there is a slight problem.

Meatball, for reasons known only to himself, will not let me near the box.

Mine now.

In other news, song selection is over and work begins on my first EP. I will be making an announcement now and then as things progress. It’s going to be slow. I only have one functional hearing aid, so I’ll be using Dear Old Dad and the CD player in the car to master the tracks.

I’ll be keeping the tracks under wraps until release. Six songs from various genres with a connecting theme, one banjo, and voice.

As this, Zen in the Five-String Banjo, and other projects come together, you could help us spread the word. Share some of the tracks I have already available with friends and family. Anything to get the word out will be a huge help.

Uh oh. Rocky is out on the roof in a thunderstorm. This should be interesting…