The life of an artist never takes on a set path. Life and time throw changes at us all that can be difficult to manage even with a steady job. You learn to adapt and evolve, or run the risk of joining other dinosaurs in a dusty museum.

Presently, I find myself at yet another moment where I am forced to shift my plans. Some projects will be temporarily shuttered and others shelved entirely to free up my attention, allowing my father and I to take on this new, new thing.

We will post more information when there is something to share. For the moment, my advice is to do what I plan to do right after posting this: go out into the summer night and play a few songs for the lightning bugs and the stars. There is more to learn right there than the entirety of the Internet.

Go on now. Get lost. Don’t come back until you can do like we showed you.

God bless,