Music From 6 Potomac: A Project Diary – Day Three

8/21/2022: Day Three!

We took yesterday off, and got to work early this morning.

Our main goals for the next few days are focused entirely on getting comfortable with the equipment. I can’t wear headphones and my BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) simultaneously, so I am relying on Dear Old Dad to serve as my ears. We are working out hand signals to let me know if I need to change my distance to the mic, play or sing with a different delivery, and other things.

Patrick home studio
It’s a pretty snazzy home studio, if I do say so myself.

Dad is taking to PreSonus like a champ, by the way. His background as a production manager along with the depth of our friendship make him the perfect partner for a wandering creative like myself. When he tells me a take is good or bad, I can trust him unquestionably.

That unspoken bond my father and I share used to drive Amy crazy. She said it reminded her of a scene from the movie Blast from the Past. Adam, the son, asks Calvin and Helen, his parents, to trust him. Their response is something that constantly happens within my family.

                 And, I'm asking you to trust me
                 without understanding why.

                 Well, in that case...of course, son.

                 Of course.

Maybe we are old-fashioned, but I never see that as a bad thing.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on tweaking arrangements. A few more experiments with mic placement, and we should be ready to start putting out music.

We also messed around with the guitar amp today. The electric banjo sounds fantastic, even with buzzing wiring. Once we get the upgraded axe back from the guitar tech, we will be ready to boogie.

One day at a time.

Very soon, we will be updating my Patreon to reflect our new focus. Stay tuned for more details, exclusive tracks, and other fun stuff.

Presently, I need some coffee and a bad movie. We got a lot accomplished this morning!