Music from 6 Potomac: Flowing with the Current

One of the interesting things about pioneering is that you have to deal with the unknown. New territories mean new challenges. New challenges offer untold opportunity to do something stupid. This is the way.

Case in point: my electric banjo.

When I had it in the shop, the repair tech called. He said he was having trouble fitting the electronics into the body. Thinking that it was no big deal, I asked him to screw down the cover plate. What could go wrong?

What I did not know, and, so you know, I don’t know everything, is that the potentiometers in the instrument are thin. As in less than a dime kind of thin. The new electronics are as thick as a double stack of flapjacks.

Something broke getting wedged in. Of course, it did.

I was going to keep using it anyway. Then, something happened that changed my mind. The fourth string lost its winding. This was before the string itself broke. The freak failure resulted in a starling whirlwind of thin wires as I cursed like a rabid pirate. I have been playing all this time, and that was a first. Just weird.

So, two things are happening. First, the electric is going back to the shop. The tech will either rout the old body or use the replacement I picked up for this sort of emergency.

Second, I am recording with the acoustic again for a bit.

The funny thing is, we’re getting cool takes with the acoustic. Go figure.

It was a struggle at first. In fact, the first round of recordings had me so frustrated that it about broke me. We took a break and came back fresh. The second time around, I threw caution to the wind. Improvised a new arrangement of Lewis Collins as we were recording. I let go of everything and let myself get lost in the thing I love. It’s about as close as this broken body will ever get to flying.

Dad was working the mix. He said it’s good. You’ll be able to tell me yourself soon.

More updates soon.

I need to go watch something bad enough to take my mind off the neuropathy pain.

Hurting something awful tonight. I need something spicily, cheesily, stinks on ice bad. Foul. Halloween approaches. So, I am reaching for the Star Wars Holiday Special of Halloween specials… The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, 1976. It’s got Kiss and The Osmond Twins. Oh! The pain!

God bless,