Hairy Butt Blues and Some Good News

I broke my electric razor trying to shave a prickly sweet gum ball from Meatballs ample, and extremely hairy, backside.

Now that I have your attention, there is some news to share.

First, I am still battling some issues with the solid-body electric five-string banjo. We will work them out in time, but, until then, I’ll be working with the acoustic.

Yes. This is extremely frustrating. If my hands were in better shape, I could resolve some issues with the instrument myself. As it is, I’m just going to have to let dad beat the bushes to find a tech or a builder up to the task.

I possess almost superhuman persistence, but being patient is not exactly my thing. There is so much music in my head, and I can’t get the right electric five-string can-opener. 

This also means my workflow may be slightly slower. Even with the slide, playing—even picking up—my acoustic hurts like hell. 

It’s rough when your only escape from chronic pain is music, but it hurts to play. I need that electric before I go bonkers.

In other news, The Reverend Pillsbury is on Spotify and other streaming platforms!  Be sure to follow, so you can keep up with the latest releases.

The Reverend Joseph Patrick Pillsbury Costello, III 

Even more exciting, dad and I are working on an audio (and possibly video) workshop series on my slide technique. Each workshop will be free for patrons and available as paid downloads. We will be going over the mechanical aspects of playing slide, various major/minor tunings, and walkthroughs of individual songs.

I should note, Gus Cannon played lap style with a metal bar on the strings, and Doc Walsh raised the action of his banjo with pennies under the bridge to play slide. My approach appears to be unique—even more so when you factor in that I am not limited by genre. 

Look for more information in upcoming posts.

While you are waiting, spread the news about Spotify. It would mean a lot to me.

Now I am off to see if I can shave with a regular safety razor. I have a feeling I’m growing a beard.

Somebody tell Remington that their electric shavers can’t stand up to a Maine coon cat’s ass.

God bless,