Music From 6 Potomac: On All Fronts

While the weather has been stomping me into the ground with arthritis and neuropathy pain, we have been making steady progress.

Amidst the progress was some positive feedback from musicians I deeply respect and admire. I am nearly deaf and playing slide—a tool that requires intense precision. It’s nice to know the music sounds like it feels. I needed that.

I have to admit, it is fascinating to work in a medium I cannot fully experience. With the addition of excruciating pain, any effort or ambition I apply to the task works against me. All I can do is something Elizabeth Cotten told me a very long time ago, to let go and have faith. Bottleneck is perfect for that kind of playing. When it works, it feels like flying. When it won’t work—usually because I can’t do that letting go thing, I bicker with dad like characters from Father Ted. That’s almost as much fun as music.

In other news, the parts are here to get the solid-body electric five-string banjo working. As much as I would love to do the work myself, my hands are just about useless now. It would take me forever. So, we are running it up the road. It should be in my hands at the end of the week.

The cool thing about the delays with the electric is that I used the time to strengthen my skills with the acoustic. I guess we should thank dolphins. They say everything happens for a porpoise. 

There will be music hitting streaming services over the next week or so. We also have tracks on Bandcamp and SoundCloud. If you want to avoid the whole media thing, you can download the files from Dropbox.

I can always find strength to continue despite disability, pain, or anything else life throws at me. What I have a hard time with is self-promotion. If this is going to work, I need your help getting the word out. Share links. Post honest reviews. Let people know about this music.

Dad and I can’t do it all on our own.

God bless,