Music From 6 Potomac: Portrait of the Artist as a Grumpy Old Man

Things have been eventful behind the scenes at Number Six Potomac Street. Unfortunately, I have been in too much pain to get much of this new material online. Catching the flu and a honking huge ear infection has not helped productivity.

I won’t bore you with tales of woe. We all have our problems in these interesting times. In some ways, I think the focus on personal issues rather than the big picture isolates us. While I am going through a great deal of pain, there are others reading this, perhaps many, experiencing even greater challenges.

What I will say is that I am becoming increasingly aware of the toll three years of near nonstop agony has taken on me, both body and soul. I’ll be working on being less of a mean old bastard as we move forward.

Today, I am heading to a new pain clinic. This time, I’ll let dad do the talking to get around the mean old bastard thing. Prayers and positive waves would be greatly appreciated. Not just for me, but for my folks. It is one thing to be in pain, but it may be worse to be a helpless witness as someone you love suffers.

Speaking of letting dad do the talking, if you have questions/comments just drop a not to Pop will get back to you.

On the music front, I do have new material ready to record. Working with the electric banjo to find my sweet spot in the pickup and amplifier settings has been a fun learning experience.

Well, gotta hit the bricks. I mastered Wolf’s Head Motor Oil for you to listen and share. I will be rerecording this one for release soon. Be sure to favorite my songs on your favorite streaming service.

I love you all more than chocolate.

God bless,