A Favor

As you can imagine, things are still a bit upside-down here at 6 Potomac St.

We have not released any music in a while because of a respiratory infection. My voice disappeared down to a squeak. Arthritis and neuropathy don’t exactly help.

When I can’t play, I write. Taking observations and insights and finding ways to use mere words to convey my thoughts is almost as soothing as falling into the flow of music.

Over the last two weeks, I began experimenting with putting my writing into podcast format. My gut tells me it could work, but finding an audience for something like this. . . I just can’t think in terms of marketing. Never could. 

So, here are the first four essays I wrote for that project. I am still a few days from getting my radio voice back. So, if you could, give them a read over the holidays. Please let me know what you think. Feedback is rare these days, so, your input would mean the world to me. If you think these short messages would work in a podcast, tell me. If this idea had your support, with some helping hands I’ll find a way to make it happen.

In other news, we do have some announcements coming after the holiday. Stay tuned.