Starting Over

The complicated parts of rebuilding 6 Potomac Street have begun. The repair costs are frighteningly high, but we are fully covered. It is going to be a massive job making the burned out shell a home again.

The insurance company has also begun a full inventory of the contents of the house. Again, we are fully covered, but it is hard taking in just how much was lost in a few moments.

Dad is doing okay. All of this happening so soon after losing mom has hit him hard.

I have no clothes that fit, and my arthritic hands can’t buckle a belt. Using the sash from a bathrobe as a belt. I’ll get something to cover my ass eventually, but my main focus right now is dad, music, and writing.

To be honest, I’m not comfortable buying clothes. The last time I bought a pair of dress pants, I fell trying them on. Took the door right off a Target changing booth. Landed on my back, feet in the air and trousers at my ankles.

Maybe somebody should call one of those makeover shows. Otherwise, dad and I will end up looking like cast members of Grumpy Old Men.

For myself, I ordered a cheap Rouge squareneck resophonic guitar. I’m good with a slide, but it will still be a challenge to adapt my skills to lap guitar. As things settle down here, I plan to upgrade to a Weissenborn style guitar.

Not replacing or going back to the banjo. Nothing there for me. Better to start over with something new.

In other news, it turns out the backyard of our rental is frequented by bluebirds. Never seen so many in one place. Need to find a mealworm feeder and a cheap camera somewhere. They sing along when I play my harmonica. Joy!