G, C and D + G Major Scale

There is a crew installing carpets upstairs, so there is a lot of banging and I have Daisy’s leash on the wrist of my fretting hand. Just for fun, I whipped up a simple lick off the top of my head that uses the G, C and D chords with a bit of the major scale. Play along!

I got myself a cheap phone. If you need to schedule a lesson or ask a music-related question, text (do not call) (410) 713-4044




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Bready Or Not

I made two loaves of Pennsylvania Dutch iced raisin bread and a loaf of my honey wheat hopping around the kitchen on my broken foot.

Tomorrow I’ll make two loaves of white sandwich bread and whatever else I come up with. I work so fast that it’s actually easier to make two batches at once.

My parents are somehow finding a way to cope with being trapped in a house with an endless supply of fresh baked goods.

Now for a cup of hot tea and get the raisin bread out of the oven. Daisy the dog is staring intently at the oven waiting for a taste.

Stay safe, everybody!

God bless,

The Down Neck Gazette

Just a handful of the interviews we filmed almost twenty years ago for our CD ROM video music magazine, The Down Neck Gazette.

I have a huge archive of the original DV tapes from our travels. As the quarantine rolls along I may start editing and releasing some of that material. DV tape doesn’t last forever, so one of these days I’ll have to break down and digitize the whole thing before all of the material is lost. Heck, the unreleased footage from our trip to Galax is wild enough to ruin a few legends and generate a bunch of new ones!

Singing With The Banjo And Guitar

Back in 2006, I wrote a songbook titled Singing With The Banjo And Guitar. We were inches from going to print, but I kept holding off because of my misgivings over the effectiveness of using tab. I still have the old Word files stored away somewhere.

As I was waffling over publishing the book, Dear Old Dad convinced me to go ahead and record the tracks for an accompanying CD. After I decided to shelve the project, the audio files were more or less forgotten.

I found those audio files today…

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