Go With The Flow

David writes:

So I started out like most people probably do, learning songs from the tabs in The How and the Tao and from your other books. I’ve managed to memorize a dozen songs or so, but I don’t think it’s the right path. I can’t see how a person can possibly memorize the melody of every song that might come up at a jam. So when you’re doing an instrumental break like you did on The Wreck of the Old 97, are you playing that from memory / tab, or are you improvising it on the spot? Is it necessary to have the song memorized (like from tab) or is there some way to learn to play the melody break by ear?


Continuing A Tradition

Every Thanksgiving for the last fifteen years – probably longer – our friend C.C. would show up at our door with a Smith Island carrot cake and a bucket of his homemade Chex mix.

Smith Island cakes are huge and rich. The three of us could never eat a whole cake, so every year we would up sharing the cake with our neighbors. It was always a joyous thing . . .

C.C. passed away this year. I’m still having a little trouble processing that. I love him like a brother.

Anyway, I am heading down the street to the Smith Island Baking Company tomorrow to order a carrot cake for Thanksgiving. I don’t want to give up the experience of sharing cake with our neighbors, and a small way to remember our friend.

I miss you, C.C.

Nearly Teatime

I managed to find a really nice inexpensive gongfu tea set. Instead of a bamboo tea board I decided to simplify things by using a chaxi for catching water while rinsing the tea and such. I picked it all up for less than $20.00.

The good tea I ordered from China is still on its way to Crisfield, so it will be a few days – perhaps weeks – before I am preparing a nice oolong. That’s okay. Tea, like music, is all about patience. You don’t rush to the end. You take time to savor each step!