The Homestretch

Just This Banjo is days away from being finished. I have a few pages to finish before I hand over everything to Dear Old Dad for one last edit.

I have to admit that I am proud to see this project coming to a close. The past twelve months have been difficult. Revisiting my adventures growing up in Philadelphia has been a pleasant reminder that I can accomplish anything I set my mind on.

We will be making announcements on the distribution of the finished work soon.

Once I have a day or two to regroup, work will begin anew on The Daily Frail, The Banjo Dojo and other projects. We have some seriously cool stuff in the works.

Getting ready for our first performance. . .


I managed to pick up an absurdly powerful desktop computer for next to nothing. I dragged an old HDTV out of storage and set that up as my monitor. I’m loaded for bear.

my comically large desktop monitor

Work on the book is nearly complete. We will be making announcements soon.

Progressively Progressing

I just left 95% of the edited final draft of Just This Banjo on Dear Old Dad’s desk this morning. I was up burning the midnight oil catching tiny typos that turn invisible the first dozen times we edited the pages.

There is still a small amount of work to be done, so naturally my computer died. A new desktop tower should be here tomorrow, and then I will be able to finish up the book.

My brother Carlos created the cover image. Ten years ago Carlos also created a linoleum block portrait of me playing my Dobro 33H. I have to admit that I take great pride in having a friend who knows me well enough to capture me with a few shapes.

cover art for Just This Banjo by Carlos Vazquez

Once the last pages are edited I will get to work formatting the ebook edition and getting copies out to our patrons before making the work available for sale.

Once Just This Banjo is released, we will begin work on the next projects. We have some cool stuff in the works – including a new direction for The Banjo Dojo! 

Just This Banjo

Patrick in high school with his Dobro banjo.
Patrick as a teenager – right around the time many events in Just This Banjo take place.

My upcoming book, Just This Banjo, is almost finished. There are still a million things to finish, but the book itself is just about written.

Work has been impeded a bit by my health. The pain of peripheral neuropathy can be so overwhelming that it can send a potentially productive day down a dead end street. On some days the pain is so bad I just can’t think.

In spite of bad pain days, we are pages away from the final draft. Once that is finished we have to format the work and get it ready for release.

As a treat, here are the first couple of pages of the latest draft: Sneak Peek: Just This Banjo.

Next week I have some long days of medical tests and appointments in preparation for surgery to install a neurostimulation device on my spine to help manage my neuropathy pain. For the rest of this week into next week I will be putting The Daily Frail on hold so that I can finish up the last bits of writing and complete Just This Banjo.

Private lessons will continue as scheduled

If you have any questions about Just This Banjo, The Daily Frail, private instruction or electric banjos, call (410) 968-3873.

Banjo Dojo, Private Instruction and More!

Getting ready to run up the road to visit a pain management clinic. Between peripheral neuropathy and migraine headaches I have had a rough summer. I am hoping they can help.

If they can’t help, I will just keep on fighting. I love my work too much to give up.

Speaking of work, I have held off posting a new Banjo Dojo lesson in order to give students a chance to work on the material in the first batch of videos. We will be posting the ninth video soon, beginning a deep dive into melody, harmony and improvisation. It’s gonna be a hoot.

We will be accepting students for private instruction soon. Watch our Patreon page for further announcements.

While we have been banjo-centric lately, that will soon change. I am too busy writing and teaching to take much more on, so we have our pal the mysterious Dobro Libre ready to step in as our resident guitar guru. 

Heading out the door now for Salisbury, MD. I will be working on cleaning up the final draft of Just This Banjo over the weekend. Keep on practicing and don’t miss the new Daily Frail series of workshops.

God bless,


The new book is nearly done. I have a few more pages to wrap up and then I hand everything over to Dear Old Dad for one last edit.

I am going to hold off on releasing the title of the book until work is complete.

Things have not gone as fast I hoped. The debilitating pain of peripheral neuropathy slowed me down a great deal. Thankfully I am well experienced in the art of working around obstacles. It has not been easy, but I have managed to keep working.

Patrick & Daisy
Taking a nap with Daisy

As soon as Dear Old Dad gives the final draft the thumbs up we will send the book out to our Patreon sponsors before making it available for purchase everywhere else.

In other news, The Daily Frail will be returning to YouTube. We will also be offering private instruction to Patreon sponsors. I will post more details soon.

God bless,


The book-in-progress finally has a title, and work is quickly drawing to a close.

I will be offline for a good portion of next week getting the final draft out. I am making a lot of progress, but neuropathy pain and migraines do slow me down.

When the book is finished we will post information about the finished work, along with a URL for patrons to download a copy.

Finishing Up

Although events of the past year have made progress incredibly difficult, I am close to finishing my latest book.

I will be putting The Daily Frail, The Banjo Dojo and my other projects on hold for the next week so that I can focus on getting the final draft to Dear Old Dad for editing.

The Book In Progress

I usually write shockingly fast. I wrote The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo over the space of a raucous caffeine and nicotine fueled weekend.

My current writing project is happening at a much slower pace. Partly due to events in my life over the past year, and partly because the subject matter is more personal. This time around I am writing about the things that happened as I was learning to make music.

As work progresses, I have been posting the rough drafts of each chapter for my Patreon sponsors. While I was having difficulty typing the chapters were handwritten and scanned. Now that I can use a keyboard again, we are finishing up the remaining chapters, going through the drafts and beginning the process of putting the finished work together.

None of this work would see the light of day if it was not for my father. He has been both editor and confidante from time I started talking in general terms of telling this story. I am lucky to have such a friend/

Today we decided to post the rough draft of what will be the first chapter of the book here as well as Patreon to give all of you a peek into this project.

Chapter One: The Guitar Girl

Patreon sponsors have access to the work in progress. It has been a lot of fun writing a book in such an open fashion! When the book is finished, sponsors will get free copies of the full ebook before it goes on sale. Learn more at:

New Chapter Uploaded!

Patreon sponsors take note, the book is back on track! A new chapter was uploaded today.

From the post on Patreon:

When I started the project, I was unable to type more than a few sentences without passing out. it was interesting from a neurological viewpoint, but it made things impossible for creative work. I am always willing to change how I work to get around a problem, so I started writing this new book by hand.

Reams of paper and worn out pencils later I found myself quitting Suboxone. The withdrawal process was torture, but at the end I was able to type again.

I was not expecting this, but I’ll take it!

My father already transcribed my handwritten work to the computer, so now I am knocking the rough edges from that as well as writing new chapters on the computer.

While work has been slower than I would like, I do think the finished product will be worth the effort. A book of true stories centering around my adventures learning music.