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About Just This Banjo:

Desperate for a way to communicate after losing his hearing, young Patrick Costello set his heart on becoming a musician. Ignoring the odds, empowered by his family and a karate grandmaster, Patrick won a banjo in a bet, salvaged a guitar from the trash and wandered into the city of brotherly love looking for a teacher. What happened next is an unbelievable true story of chasing improbable dreams, the kindness of strangers, the IRA, the Philadelphia Mummers, and unconditional love. Just This Banjo will make you laugh, cry and maybe inspire you to pick up an instrument yourself.

Adventures in Frailing

The interview with Jack Scrimshaw for his show on Ultimate Radio was a rare treat. I just have to wrap my brain around the fact that I am not the kid struggling to learn or the young hotshot struggling to prove himself. I’m in the early stages of being the old guy now.

I guess I’ll have to save up for some good cigars. A lot of the old guys who taught me were chewing on stogies.

Jack said that the interview will air around Christmastime. Give Jack’s show a listen in the meantime: Route 66 with Jack Scrimshaw.

After the interview I got a note that my name had come up in a podcast.

Davey Psychotronic was on Rock Radio Bitch talking about punk rock and banjos. My name came up somewhere along the way.

In the evening a local guitar player stopped by for some help getting started with frailing. I was worn out so Dear Old Dad helped her out. She got the basics right away.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to producing episodes of Sing the Banjo!

Goodnight, and God bless.