Blues, Slide, and Frailing Banjo

Blues, Slide, and Frailing Banjo

I have gotten quite a few questions regarding blues and slide with frailing banjo. Let’s break down a classic blues song, play it with standard fretting, and then bring in the slide.

I also touch briefly on things happening here in Crisfield. I will do a more thorough update soon.

You can find tab for I Wish I was In Heaven Sitting Down in Songs For Sunday.

What They Call A Soft Boot is sort-kinda open. I was working on the menu today. People started signing up as soon as there were links on the main page.

I will be posting a video in the next day or so with details on the new site and the things we have in the works. Right now, I’m going to take a break. Had a seizure last night and banged the hell out of my head. Need to watch a terrible movie with Rocky, Meatball, and Pooka.

I hand the keys to the site over to Dear Old Dad tomorrow. Stuff will start going online soon.

Now to choose between Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) and Stage Fright (1985). I may make it a double feature.