Music Night in Marion, MD

Dear Old Dad and I will be  taking part in the informal music night at Christ Fellowship Church in Marion, MD.
7:00PM to 9:00PM Monday, December 10

The idea is to begin a weekly jam session where musicians of all levels can share playing tips, make music and socialize. Dear Old Dad and I will be available for help with beginning five-string/tenor banjo, guitar and harmonica, as well as taking part in the jam.  Classes in ukulele and fiddle are also planned.

Tonight’s gathering will be followed up by a weekly session after the holidays.


Our site crashed this morning. 

To get things running I had to use yesterday’s morning site backup. This got the site running, but we lost any comment you may have posted.


A while back we received a banjo head in the mail with a request that I sign it. We sent it head back and went about our usual everyday chaos.

Today I got another package from Jerry with a note saying that my signature inspired him to make this shirt.

I love it! Thanks, Jerry!

God bless,