Coming Soon: The How and the Tao of Buttermilk Biscuits

A while back I started working on a book with the working title White Belt. The idea was to explore my experiences in karate and music the way I used philosophy in my training.

It’s a good idea, but I kept running into the problem of having to explain the various disciplines. Talking about karate is useful in a general sense, but it is difficult to relate if you have not spent years in a dojo.

Banjos? Phooey. Banjos are even harder to relate to.

The Tao of Poo and Zen in the Martial Arts are both entertaining reads, I am a huge fan of both, but the authors derailed their works by trying to explain the unexplainable.

After trying a few things, pacing like a caged lion for long periods and beating my head against the wall, I told myself to take a break and make biscuits.

The How and the Tao of Buttermilk Biscuits will be finished in the next few months.

Over on our new Patreon, sponsors can take a peek at the first few paragraphs of a late draft. I have some more work to do before I hand it off to Dear Old Dad for his edit. 

Read the preview here: Sneak Preview of The How and the Tao of Buttermilk Biscuits

Happy Little Thieves

I knew about Bob Ross teaming up with rich scumbags to launch a painting show that was a complete ripoff of his mentor, William Alexander. I knew that nearly all the paintings from the show are sitting in storage.

Of course there was more. It was only a matter of time before the people fighting to profit from Bob’s work would ruin what was left of his image in the battle.

Sex, Deceit, and Scandal: The Ugly War Over Bob Ross’ Ghost 

Sometimes Wrong/Never In Doubt Episode One: Opioids

While the opioid crisis gripping America may seem like a distant problem to some, Patrick Costello has been battling the effects of carelessly oversubscribed pain medication for the last ten years. Now father and son talk honestly about the personal impact opioids have had on their lives. Warnings for adult language and theremin solos. About The Show: Pat and Patrick Costello are musicians, authors, teachers, publishers, and the world's foremost experts on their own opinions.

Reading A 100-Year-Old Love Letter

My grandfather, Albert Groff, Married Katherine Welch in 1925.
This is a letter from my grandfather to my grandmother when they were courting.
He was an electrician. She worked as a maid and cook for the Wieland estate. They were together until she died in 1984. He passed in 1999, just shy of his 99th birthday.