Bad Movie Night: Tactical Force

I usually love bad movies. Like Luke Skywalker finding goodness in his child murdering father before trying to murder his nephew and running off to suck green milk from the titty of an alien, I too try to find goodness in awful movies.

Tactical Force is my Heart of Darkness. No human language can encapsulate the plot of this movie. One of the Duke Boys plays a Russian gangster. Spawn looks happy to be working. Stone Cold is replaced, I think, in some scenes by a child’s thumb with a crudely drawn face.

There is more, but there isn’t.

This is worse than Samurai Cop.

This is worse than Things.

This is worse than watching a bunch of fat people trying to eat tacos through a surgical mask.

I hate this movie.

I don’t expect much form Stone Cold, but, dear God, this is duller than The Trip To Bountiful. A few times during the film I started thinking fondly of the action scenes in Driving Miss Daisy.

This is not the bottom of the barrel, this is the crusty concrete underneath the barrel.

I highly recommend it!

Tactical Force is free on Tubi!

Mephistopheles’ purr

With everything going crazy right now, I thought that maybe a moment of Mephistopheles the alley cat purring contentedly in my arms might be soothing.

I’m almost deaf, and I can hear Mephistopheles’ purr.

The video would have been longer, but in his contented sleep, the cat was biting me through my Navy Peacoat!