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The Weekly Free Gathering That Will Inspire You To Practice, Play Better and Make New Friends Around The World:

The Wednesday Night Banjo and Donut Marching Society Wants You!

We meet on Zoom every Wednesday at 2:00 and 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

It is free, awesome and open to musicians of all instruments, styles and genres. Come abd make music with us!

Books and Essays:

The Down Neck Gazette

This is only a fraction of the interviews. We have a large amount of material that has never been publicly available!

We are trying to get equipment together, and possibly recruit help, to begin sorting through our archive of DV tapes and preserve these powerful interviews and performances.


About a thousand workshops and still going.

Unreleased Material

We have boxes of recordings, skip tapes from our time on both WBEY and WKHI, performances from The Eastern Shore Opry (Bob Paisley, The Reno Brothers, Claire Lynch, Charlie Size more and many more) and a lot of written material by Patrick and other teachers.

In The Works

While Patrick’s work schedule has been significantly impacted by his health and the failure of his BAHA hearing aids, work is well underway on a new book as well as a long-awaited revisiting of another project that we won’t talk about here.

In other words, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

You can support our work and sign up for personal lesson through Pateron:

If money is a problem, write The craft and your music matters to us.

If you wish to contribute something other than money, we can always use baking supplies, birdseed and suet. When Patrick is not working he is either baking or out meditating under the pecan tree. He has a sort of wildlife preserve going on back there with all manner of birds, snakes, alley cats and other creatures stopping by regularly.

Get Angry And Sing!

Folk music is a multifaceted craft that covers every aspect of the human condition. One of the side roads that seems to have been abandoned over the years if the art of the protest song.

Here are a few resources to explore.

Phil Ochs: Here’s To The State Of Mississippi (1966)

Peggy Seeger: Gonna Be An Engineer (1971)

Bob Dylan A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (1962)

Peter Gabriel Biko 1988

Pete Seeger: We Shall Overcome (1967)

Tom Lehrer: The Folk Song Army (1965)

There are countless other examples. Start digging. Start writing. Start singing!

Folk Song of the Day: Texas Rangers

I taught myself this one ages ago after hearing Steve Rosen play it with the Volo Bogtrotters.
(Steve, the fishing is still amazing in Crisfield, and you are still as welcome as the flowers in May)

The song itself is easy enough. The lyrics are all over the web and the chord progression is just G, C and D. Keep it simple while you are singing and use the solo when you take a break.

Jack Scrimshaw on the Air!

Our good pal Jack Scrimshaw hosts a most excellent show on Tune in three times a week:

  • Monday 5 A.M Eastern
  • Wednesday 5 P.M Eastern
  • Friday 5 A.M Eastern

He also does some fun live stuff on Facebook:

Jack has been coming to The Wednesday Night Banjo and Donut Marching Society. A strong musician, scarily good with impressions and a wonderful guy to boot.

Once this Covid-19 nightmare is over, I have to get on a plane and get together with Jack and my brother Carlos to see how much trouble we could get into visiting the great guitar salons of Madrid. Now THAT would be an adventure!

The Daily Frail 6/18/2020

A simple frailing lick using timing and bends. It’s just G, C and D, so there really is no need to tab it. Play along with the chord progressions first and THEN add in the pointless decorative crap. It’s easy to let speed and flash fool you into thinking that something is complicated – but it’s a banjo. The answer is always simple!